3 Basic Tips for Printer Care

Printers are one of the most crucial devices of any conventional business set ups. Contact Lexmark printer support technicians and you will get to know that there are minor issues with printers time to time. This happens especially when you do not use the printer too often. That does not mean you have to run to the library just to get a few pages printed.

Call our expert technical team for quick resolutions. You should also maintain some basic good practices for your laser and inkjet printers to keep them performing well. We have summed up some of them here for you today. Read on to find out.

Keep cleaning the printer head at timely intervals

Clean the printer head at least once every month, says the technicians at Lexmark printer support center. It is a fairly simple process to follow. Just remove the cartridge aside and clean the printer head with lukewarm water. You must never use wet tissues or alcohol to clean the printer head. Once you are done with the cleaning, wait till the printer head is completely dry and put the cartridge back in space. There are YouTube videos that teach how you can clean your print head.

Our technical team is always available to help you with quick resolutions and useful suggestions. Call our toll free number to find out more on how to about your printer care.

Lexmark printer UK support recommends cleaning the internal printer parts

Just like you have to clean the printer head on frequent intervals, you have to clean its other inner parts too. When you do it regularly, you can make sure that no dust or grime can be in there long enough to build a layer. One of the main factors that affect your printer’s productivity is such layers of dust.

Use a lint free cloth. Moisten it a little and use it for removing the dust. You should not put more than very mild pressure, even when you are cleaning off stubborn dirt. Our technicians at Lexmark printer support number UK also recommend soft bristles or Q-tips as great cleaning instruments for this purpose.

Check every now and then under the printer hood

Do not miss checking under the hood as well. When you have changed the toner cartridge, just lift your printer hood and see if there are any broken or jammed parts inside. There are inbuilt diagnostics in modern printers that notify you when anything is amiss. Keep an eye on the maintenance lights. Attend to it with immediate effect. When you take care of small things, you can avoid bigger complications at a later stage.

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