5 Reasons to Secure Your Printing Device

Businesses have grown smarter in implementing efficient cyber security. However, at Canon printer support, we still see a disturbingly high number of organizations overlook their printer security. You can well imagine, how convenient it makes things for the malicious hacking experts. If you have not thought of protecting your printer like you do for your network and rest of your devices, here are the reasons you should consider.

An unsecured printer leaves your network vulnerable

While it is a good thing that you always keep your firewall turned on to keep external attacks at bay, there are other weak points that a hacker can target. Your printer can easily prove to be one such vulnerable point. At Canon printer technical support, we advise securing your printers always to keep hacking attacks at bay.

The risk of losing sensitive data

It goes without saying that once a hacker is successful in establishing a point of access to your network, he or she has access to all your sensitive and highly confidential information. If the data is encrypted, it is all the more at risk of being stolen.

As organizations we deal with highly sensitive information like customer contact information, their bank and/or credit card details and so on. All the more reason to keep each internet accessing device equally secure to avoid future mishaps.

Canon support UK warns against the different types of attacks

Once a printer is hacked, all sorts of problems may crop up. It may start sending out faxes, printing random jobs or even change its own settings. They can also become a medium for Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

There are hard copy risks to consider as well

Data breach also happens through unattended output that is left open at the printer door. There can be unauthorized people looking at them or handling them, causing failure in compliance or even a legal issue.

Do not forget securing all your mobile devices too

The use of mobile devices is increasing in leaps and bounds. Therefore, at Canon printer helpline we tell our clients that it has become increasingly essential to implement the right mobile solution. What is a right solution in this context? One that provides authentication as well as secures any data transmission.

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There are several simple solutions that you can adopt to avoid these threats. Keep updating your antivirus software, encrypt all sensitive data and disable all unused printer ports.

You must always destroy a hard drive when a printer is decommissioned. Implement a minimum of a one-step verification, be it a PIN or a print at device protocol. We believe a print management tool that manages your printing environment, securing all security protocols is a great idea. At Canon printer support, we are always there when you need a helping hand. Call us for immediate support!

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