How To Adjust Black Ink To Color On Dell Printer

How To Adjust Black Ink To Color On Dell Printer

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Today, we have moved from black and white era to colorful. You might have a dell printer and took lot of black and white prints. But now you want to change it to colorful mode and don’t know how to change ink; don’t worry below are simple steps to change it to color mode. It’s a bit tricky but not difficult. When you are changing from black and white mode to color mode; you need to made changes in your computer settings as well.

Steps to Adjust Black ink to color ink in Dell Printer

1. Start your computers control panel and open all control panel options.
2. You will see an option called as “ Devices and Printers”
3. Right click on this option to select the “ Properties” option
4. In properties window; you will see tabs like – “general”, “Advanced”, “Color management”, “Ports”, and “Security”etc.
5. Now select “ Color management “ tab ; here you can change the color from black to color
6. Close all things and go to desktop

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These are very simple steps to change the color mode of your printer. But still if you are not able to print in color; you can take dell customer service. Dell Customer services have dedicated dell printer tech support to help you and you can also call at dell printer helpline.

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