Basic Printer Precautions

Basic Printer Precautions for Your Brother Printer

A desktop printer is no doubt one of the safest tools in your business. At Brother printer support UK, we still believe, you should take some precautions while handling one. After all, it is a device that is hot while working, has moving parts, contains chemical and is powered by electricity. It always makes sense to stretch your printer investments for as long as you can, by keeping the printer in good working conditions.

Set your printer on a stable base

A printer should be set up on a level base. There are printers that weigh more than 25 pounds. If such printers shake a little when printing, a table not sturdy enough may not be able to support it. Set it on a sturdy table for safety. At Brother customer service UK, we think that is a safe way to ensure there is no damage to the table, other objects on it as well as the printer.

Be careful of mechanical hazards

The rubber rollers work to feed the papers inside the printer. These rollers can end up pulling dangling jewellery, long hair or anything loose that it finds close. So keep your hands as well as any such objects away from the printer’s feeding trays when it is under work. Be even more careful when dealing with large-format printers. These are mostly used by engineers, art departments and architects. Technicians at our Brother printer customer support like warning our clients beforehand of such hazards.

Mindful about the hot components

Both LED and laser printers press paper against a metal drum while printing. This drum includes an image made of toner powder which is a fine plastic material. With heating, the toner is melted and binds with the paper. After working awhile like this, the insides of a la laser printer gets very hot. So when you need to open the printer, first let it cool down for approximately ten minutes, before replacing a toner cartridge or looking into a paper jam. Let your colleagues and employees know, so that they can stay safe. While at it, also let them know Brother printer tech support is always available to fix your printer errors.

Care about the electrical process

Take the basic precautions that we should take for any other electronic appliance. Plug the cord in an outlet that is in good condition, keep the cord away from where people walk by, so that no one trips and falls and keep it safe from any kind of abrasion. Use the power button to turn the printer on and off. If you just unplug it, the half-finished pages can get jammed. Keep it from moist environment. At Brother printer chat support, we also request clients to always switch the printer off first, before opening any of its parts.

Lastly, dot-matrix printers come with low operating costs. True. But they often emit a constant harsh sound. So set the printer up a little away from where people usually make calls. Set it up in a separate room preferably. Always wear disposable cloves when changing ink or toner. Also store the new cartridges in a dark and cool place. Both sunlight and heat can prove harmful for it. Feel free to call our technical support for any doubts that you may have. Our technicians at toll free Brother printer helpline number is always there at your service.


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