How Network Friendly Printers Help Workplaces

Businesses use cloud-based communication nowadays for so many purposes- be in online collaboration or enterprise resource planning. At Dell printer support, it often see our clients communicate with one another via connected devices. In fact, this has become a lot more common than writing emails from fixed desktops. So it makes sense that an important tool like your office printer can serve you to a much greater extent if it can be connected to the web.

In an answer to this growing demand, Dell has introduced a series of wireless printers that can be connected to any mobile device or your browser. These printers are great at cloud-based printing. There are so many ways these printers can help your business. In this blog, Dell customer service explores some such ways.

Convenience and ease of work

As you set up the printer to connect to Google Cloud Print or some similar cloud service, you will be delighted to notice that you do not need to install and configure any drivers. These printers come ‘cloud-ready’ when you buy them. They often include Android and iOS apps by the help of which you can print right from your tablet or phone.

Moreover, the drivers are updated automatically and you do not need to make any kind of manual updates. Once the print is sent via cloud, the printer can print right away even without establishing any connection with your PC. If you ever come across any issues in printing through Wi-Fi or remotely, Dell printer tech support is always at your service.

Remote access adds to flexibility at work

When a cloud-based printing service is deployed, it can connect with all other network connected printers at home or work. When your device is in sync with your cloud server, you can print from wherever you are. You do not need to be anywhere near the printer to give a print, as long as you have a steady internet network on your phone or other connected device.

At the age of the old printers, we would consider ourselves lucky if the printer was not too far away from where we sat. These network connected printers make someone traveling in another city or country stay close to the printer at work. Call us at Dell printer technical support UK if you cannot connect a device to your latest printer.

Adapt these latest technologies today to better streamline work. These printers have energy-saving features that make them economic in the long run. When one printer is connected to the cloud, it can do away with the need of setting up several printers at different places. This way, you end up saving considerably on ink, toner, cartridge and thus overall printing costs.

Do not let minor technical issues delay your important work. Our technical team consists of skilled technicians who can resolve most printer related issue via phone or remote access to your device. Feel free to contact our Dell printer helpline for resolution to technical errors.

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