How Safe Is Your Printer From The Threat Of Malware?

As if cyber crime was not rampant enough, now hackers have started using printers and scanners to spread malware across devices. Technicians at Brother printer support number know of cases where printers or scanners are spoofed and used for this purpose. These criminals spoof printers, scanners & copiers to send legitimate looking files to the victim’s network device that are actually malware. Criminals who do this are exceptionally resourceful.

How are these attacks designed?

The miscreants will employ subtle and advanced social engineering techniques that will trick the users into downloading the infected attachments. They might easily spoof a printer’s model number so no suspicion arises when someone receives the email. There have been cases when the payload is a data-encrypting ransomware. This is designed, as we noticed in Brother printer customer service UK, to smartly evade machine-learning tools (algorithm based) of some of the best cyber security providers in the market.

They will infect a device, encrypt the data in it and find a way to get a ransom in bitcoin. This ransomware is designed as an unknown file. Without a human noticing and analysing it, it can do away with the system security. It is an advanced technique that a small team of criminals can use to attack a number of organizations in a short span of time, causing maximum damage.

There are also cases when these spoofed emails carry malicious attachments. Once downloaded by an unsuspecting user, it gives criminals complete access to the device.

Brother printer support UK asks clients to learn more about the warning signs

The email subject may read something as harmless as “scanned from Brother” or some other printer in the network. It comes with an attachment that carries the malicious code. It comes with some sort of a modified file name that lets the attackers hide their harmful code within the archive, as it imitates a ‘.jpg,’ ‘.PDF’ or ‘.txt.’ So be very careful of any PDF attachments. Prevention is always better than the cure. Whenever you receive any attachment from a scanner, printer or copier, just be more alert.

How do you dodge such attacks on your network devices?

At Brother printer helpline number UK, we tell our clients about the simple steps that you can take to ensure they do not get to trick and cause you any harm. Got an email from either the copier, scanner or printer vendor? Just call them up to doubly ensure that they sent it. Hover the cursor over any link that the email contains and try to find out if it is legitimate or not.

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We live in an age of identity theft and spoofing. So double check such things even when the email seems to be sent from a known source. Invest in strong and updated cyber security measures for all your devices and network. Technicians at your Brother printer technical support number say to keep back up of all your data as a foremost measure. Also keep yourself updated about such attacks – the more you know, the more you will be able to evade them successfully.

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