How to Care for your Printer

How to Care for your Printer?

Printers are a very important part of most conventional business setups. It makes no sense to run to the local shop every time you need a few pages printed. Then again, if you do not use the printer often, you might experience some minor issues when you need to use it the next time. At HP printer support number, we know of some simple steps that you can follow to keep your printer in good shape all year round. Follow these steps to keep your inkjet and laser printers in good shape.

Clean the printer head at regular intervals

Clean it at least once in a month. It is an easy process to follow. You have to remove the cartridge and clean the head with warm water. Do not use wet tissues to clean the print head ever. Avoid alcohol too. After you have completed cleaning, wait for the print head to dry completely before you put it back. You can refer to the YouTube videos that show how to clean a print head. At HP printer technical support phone number UK, we are there to help you with technical issues always.

Clean the printer internal parts well

Like the printer head, you have to regularly clean the inner parts of the printer too. Do it often enough, so that dust or grime does not get enough time to build a layer inside. These layers of dust create hindrance to a printer’s smooth performance. Take a lint free cloth, moisten it lightly and use it to wipe the dust off. Don’t put more than mild pressure, even if you need to clean stubborn dirt. You can also use Q-tips or soft bristles to clean the grime.

Our technicians at HP printer support UK suggest using compressed air for blowing out accumulated dust that builds in the insides. You can use a pressure controlled vacuum as well. Don’t use a vacuum that is not pressure controlled.

Keep checking under your printer hood

Next what you have to do is check under the hood. After you are done taking care of the toner cartridge, lift the hood to check for jammed or broken parts on the inside. For most modern printers, there are inbuilt diagnostics that tell you if anything is wrong inside. Just pay attention to the maintenance lights and attend to them immediately if you find something amiss. At HP printer support UK, we like to advise our clients to replace the small parts on time to avoid complications at a later stage.

There are also maintenance kits available that keep the printer fan and other parts clean from residual ink and dust. When you buy any spare part, buy from the original brand. Replacing worn out parts with parts from the original brand helps keep the printer in good condition for years to come.

For any electronic device, careful handling can go a long way in increasing its longevity and bringing out its maximum performance. Our technical team is always there to help you fix the technical issues. At HP printer support center, we wish you happy printing!


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