Epson Printer Error 0xe3

Easy Steps : How to Fix Epson Printer Errors?

Today, printers are an essential part of our professional as well as personal life. There are lots of Brands available in the market for printers, but Epson is a leading Brand in the market. A printer is nothing but a device which will convert a soft copy of your image or document into hard copy. It is a very delicate device to operate. Epson comes up with different and unparalleled features with high-end reliability. Similar to other technical devices, printers also have some technical errors and issues. One of the most common errors faced by Epson user is Epson Printer error code oxe3.

Here we are going to discuss the root cause and solution for this Epson Printer error code oxe3 in this article.

Epson Printer Error code Oxe3

We can perform printing and scanning both operations in the Epson printer. Because of continuous usage of Printer; sometimes it may breakdown and gives some error code. Epson Error code Oxe3 could be because of:

  • Packaging material getting stuck on the cartridge caddy
  • or Cartridge is not properly placed in respective place
  • or you are starting new printer setup
  • or you get stuck in the initial setup of the system

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These issues will give rise to error code Oxe3. Sometimes there is a possibility of an unknown foreign body is stuck in the cartridge.

Steps to resolve the Epson Printer Error 0xe3

  1. The first step is to switch off the printer and remove the power connection and USB cable.
  2. Open the printer cover and check out for any paper jam. If the paper is stuck, remove it.
  3. Check for transit tapes and other blocks in the system and try to clear it.
  4. Reconnect the printer and try pressing some button like copy and check if the unit is responding or not.

Steps to clear Cartridge Caddy of the Printer

  1. Switch on the printer and open the scanner cover
  2. Don’t touch the print head and also make sure you will keep a distance from the white cable inside the Epson printer
  3. Now click on the stop button and wait till the time when print head moves to the cartridge indicator position
  4. While removing the full cartridge from the printer; you need to press and hold the stop button for 5 seconds and wait till the cartridge reach to the replacement position
  5. You need to remove the cartridge from the cradle by squeezing the tab carefully
  6. Clear the cradle carefully
  7. Before placing the new cartridge; shake it well four to five times
  8. Check out the leakages in the sealed area of the cartridge
  9. Don’t touch the green chip area of the cartridge and remove the packet
  10. You need to install the new cartridge immediately after replacing the old one
  11. You need to take out yellow tape carefully from the cartridge
  12. After installing the new cartridge, push it without bending and adjust to cradle
  13. After completion of the installation pull down the scanner and click on the stop button
  14. Make sure that the print head and the ink charging process is working fine
  15. The power light will indicate the total time taken by ink for charging
  16. Turn off the printer only after power light is completely off


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Printer Troubleshooting

If the user still facing the issue with Epson Printer, kindly get in touch with Epson Printer support number. Their technical team is available 24*7 to solve your issue.

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