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When the printer refuses to print

There are certain common printer errors that we come across every now and then, however great a model or brand of printer we may pick up. HP printer technical support UK believes it is good to know the symptoms and primary solutions for such issues. That is because, even in this digital age, we are still heavily dependent on printers for hard copies of important documents. It helps to know how to resolve more basic of the errors without waiting for a technician to give a feedback.

When printer stops printing without displaying any error message

When you cannot find any error messages but the printer just stops printing, check if the printer is still connected by the Ethernet or by USB cable. If it is a wireless model, check to see that you are connected to the right network. The printer driver may have got corrupted and may need to be reinstalled. HP printer support recommends looking at your manufacturer’s download page to find the latest version. If it still refuses to work, check out the troubleshooting part of the printer’s User manual. Our tech support team can always help you out if nothing else works.

When printer shows it is running out of ink yet still prints

you do not have to immediately change a cartridge when you get a low-cartridge warning. Modern printers come with ink tank level indicators that warn you when the ink is running low. The accuracy of this warning differs model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. You may get the warning sometimes before the ink level is very low.

Our HP customer service recommends to determine this by keeping on printing after the warning and see how long it takes before the printer actually starts giving blurry prints or shuts down completely. This way, you will get an idea how ahead or on time your particular model of printer gives a warning. But of course, when you are starting an important large print job, you may choose to be more cautious and change the ink tanks without waiting to see till the end.

When your printer takes too long to print from Wi-Fi

Have you tried placing your printer very close to the router? Says our technicians at HP printer technical support that that ought to solve your problem. Other than this, you should check to see that your router is adequate, supporting 802.11n and offering 5GHz band with 2.4GHz. The firmware should also be up to date. Any issue can also be resolved by adding a wireless extender. This increases the performance the way you want it to.

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