Tips to Secure Network Printers

Tips to Secure Network Printers

Network printers are the greatest innovation when it comes to work efficiency, but they are vulnerable to security threats like other connected devices, example, laptops and mobile phones. It is of course possible to secure your printing device from most common methods of attack. But for that, you have to first be aware of potential danger, reason why HP printer support brings you this blog. Read on to find out about the common points of weakness and how to protect against them.


Are you using a secure network? If not, then know for sure that your printer isn’t secure as well. Make sure that your Wi-Fi network is locked down with encryption, secure password, firewall, and other necessary security measures. When we say ‘secure password,’ please make note, it should not be a password that is easy to figure out. Do not use some common phrase or name in the password. Include numbers, symbols and letters in both upper and lower case. At HP customer service, we suggest that if your printer supports it then you better do away with the password issue by using pin codes, card readers, and smartcards.



There is also the issue of how secure your document is after it has been printed. If you ask us, it isn’t secure. So what do you do to protect documents containing confidential information? While not hacking, document fraud or paper theft can do the same damage sometimes. To avoid that, set user authentication on the printer and always encrypt print jobs with solutions like HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing. You can always talk to our technicians at HP printer technical support to help you make best use of the available technologies to better protect your devices and data.



A connection that is not encrypted is also not secure. So you should encrypt it and also understand beforehand, that all methods of encryption are not necessarily secure. For example, WPA and WPA2 are better options compared to other methods like Wired Equivalency Privacy (WEP). The former use passphrases as well as passwords.

Here, you must also reflect, do you always execute the necessary printer security updates? It can be possible that the brand notices a new security flaw in your existing printer. Then they send you notifications for updating the firmware that is needed to fix the vulnerability. At HP printer tech support UK, we always request clients to abide by these notifications because if your firmware is outdated, it means your security standards have also fallen behind.

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